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The purpose of MIDGAM biorepository is to guarantee available access to information and samples, for investigators engaged in scientific and medical research, in order to expand and develop the existing knowledge, and try to prevent diseases, find a cure for them, or alleviate patients’ suffering. 

The biobank includes biological samples such as tissue/blood/saliva/urine/DNA/cells/spinal fluid/samples from various bodily fluids, from sick and healthy people, as well as medical information. Examples of how well-characterized biospecimens can accelerate cancer research can be viewed at “Success Stories“.


Donated samples and information provided to the investigators for research will be provided in a coded (encrypted) manner.

The tissue samples, which will be removed during the procedure regardless, will be processed by a specialist pathologist for diagnosis, leaving a sufficient amount of the sample at the Pathology Institute Archive. Only after it is verified beyond doubt that the ability to diagnose or treat the disease is not harmed or jeopardized, the rest (remainder) of the tissue will be forwarded to the biorepository. Use of the samples for research will not jeopardize the possibility to use the pathological material in the future for the benefit of the participant, which is a condition for the release of the samples for research.

You are allowed to decide, for any reason, to cancel your donation and withdraw from MIDGAM.

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